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So it's been a while since you answered the Call to Adventure , and you've had some successes. Everyone has heard of what you've done and everyone knows your name. Either way, your reputation precedes you, and every time you introduce yourself, people are going to look at you and say "Oh! I was expecting someone taller Then you have to say Actually, I Am Him. Or even worse, they'll think your associate is you, and then you have to say Actually, That's My Assistant. Alternatively, maybe you're just a Dirty Coward with an Astonishingly Appropriate Appearance who happened to be in the vicinity of great events.
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What is expect (verb)? expect (verb) meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. expect someone/something to do something: I didn't really. Expecting Someone Taller is the first humorous fantasy novel by popular British author Tom Holt. It was first published in hardcover in , by Macmillan.
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It was first published in hardcover in , by Macmillan Publishers in the United Kingdom, and by St. Martin's Press in the United States. The book was released in the 5th omnibus of Holt's books entitled Tall Stories. The book is intended as a humorous sequel of sorts to Wagner's epic opera cycle, Der Ring des Nibelungen or The Ring of the Nibelung , but is primarily set in contemporary England. The story involves Malcolm Fisher, a hapless auction clerk in modern-day England, who runs over a badger one night. The badger turns out to be the giant Ingolf, brother of Fafnir , and Fisher becomes the new owner of the Ring of the Nibelung and the Tarnhelm , and, thereby, ruler of the world.
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